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Hiccup’s expressions before he discovers the Dragon Rider’s face & identity.




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Here’s some modern!au Hiccstrid to say thank you to everyone :D Not just for following me and making me feel at home in the fandom, but for the person I’ve become since I joined it. I finally showed a teacher my NSFW art. Then he sent copies to a college that I’ve wanted to go to since grade 8 but never had the grades or money. 

You guys have literally saved me and I love you all.

imafangirlidontdocalm14 asked: Imagine a Hiccstrid fic : Where Astrid is pregnant and doesn't have her normal self confidence due to gaining a little weight ect so she avoids Hiccup for a while because of this ... so when he finds out he reminds her just how much he loves her and how beautiful she really is


Hey! So sorry this is late D: I’d been handed over this prompt and then there were family issues that kept me away from the laptop, and, yeah. >.<

Both us mods agreed self-esteem issues ain’t really Astrid’s forte, but here’s Hiccup fawning over his wifey anyhow. Hope you enjoy! :)

He never heard of the ‘pregnancy glow’ before. Mostly because Vikings weren’t all that fertile. The last pregnancy on Berk had been when Hiccup was 12, and he’d been a little too busy trying to prove that trolls really did exist to care that Mrs. Copperhead had a bigger belly than usual.

And Astrid, well, she was and always had been an absolute stunner. Hiccup remembered being just 8 years old and sneaking glances at the girl with furrowed eyebrows and deep freckles and the most adorable button nose. Glances that turned into outright staring as the girl blossomed into an even more beautiful woman.

(For the sake of fairness, the narrator must note that Hiccup’s description was lacking. Astrid herself was mortified by her pubescent period; there had been cracked lips and zits and chipmunk cheeks and she still had a few stretch marks. Hiccup wasn’t leaving these less attractive details out on purpose, you understand. He’s just too infatuated to feel they’re of any significance.)

But this. Nothing could have prepared him for this.

Astrid looked like she’d swallowed the sun. Her eyes were bright, cheeks constantly flushed scarlet, and face…softer, somehow. When she grinned, he thought he was starting to see the shadow of a dimple. He could even tell the moment she entered a room, because the general area just felt lighter. Beautiful.  

Which wasn’t to say Astrid herself was constantly happy, oh no. Especially when the morning sickness started.

Hiccup didn’t feel quite ready to describe the horrors of what had happened when a pregnant and emotional and axe-wielding Viking came out of the bathroom after retching for half an hour.

(Frankly, neither does the narrator.)

The south wall of the living room was never quite the same…

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hi i am chinese and there is no such thing as this. some people hang money bags or red envelopes (红包) around their house for good luck—but 5 days occurring in the same month? no. if you look at your calendar, you can see that that many days can happen in any month (this chain went around a couple years ago raving on about july). we also didn’t use the western calendar until the Qing Dynasty fell, so it would be a little dumb to create a “feng shui tradition” that late in our 2000+ history. yeah 8 is like the most auspicious number because it sounds like fortune but like pleaaaaaaaaase don’t just buy into this stuff because it sounds “mystic”. and why would friday, saturday, and sunday be important other than it’s the weekend? people didn’t just magically get money on the weekend. the process for choosing days during which to receive money is lunar-based and much more complicated than that. feng shui has nothing to do with this, too. feng shui is about the orientation of objects around the natural environment (which explains why people would hang things AROUND THEIR HOUSES instead of reblogging some dumb tumblr chain). feng shui has qualities that require you to suspend your disbelief, but it literally has a FOUNDATION in METAPHYSICS. you can’t just pull something about “money” and “luck” out of your butt and call it feng shui. 

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this website SAVED MY BRAIN when i was a stressed out college student who couldn’t stop flipping out long enough to prioritize. quite a few of you are still suffering through college so i hope this helps you too!! c: